Which Is The Best Month To Hike Kilimanjaro?

Which Is The Best Month To Hike Kilimanjaro?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while planning your Mount Kilimanjaro Hike? It is the, of course, the question – which is the Best Month to hike Kilimanjaro? We at Serac Adventures believe that Kilimanjaro can be hiked all year round but which is the best month to climb Kilimanjaro? Let’s find out!

Mount Kilimanjaro Weather:

Mount Kilimanjaro has its climate. You will face four different climatic zones during your Mount Kilimanjaro hike, each with its own habitat and temperature.

Basically, you will find three types of winds on Mount Kilimanjaro. During mid-March and mid-May, the wind blows from the South-East which contains a lot of humidity. This time period experiences heavy rain.

Mount Kilimanjaro Weather

However, because these winds come from the south, this side of the mountain will be the wettest, whereas the northern slope is comparatively dryer.

Anti-trade wind flows from May to October that contains less humidity.

From November to mid-March, you will find North-east monsoon which may cause some rainfall. They contain a lot less humidity than the South-east trade winds though, especially in the second half of this period, from January to mid-March, making this an ideal time to climb. 

Temperatures on Kilimanjaro are relatively consistent all year-round. Nevertheless, there are differences in temperature up to 5°C between the single months. Thus, the months January until March are warmer, showing temperatures of about 25°C (77°F), the months June until August are a bit colder, showing temperatures of about 20°C (68°F). As soon as you ascend to higher regions, however, the air cools down noticeably

When Is The Best Time To Hike Kilimanjaro:

The Mount Kilimanjaro experiences two kinds of weather, dry weather, and wet weather. The dry months include January, February, June, July, August, September, October. For those who wonder When Is the Best Time To Hike Kilimanjaro, we suggest the driest months, June to October as the Best Month To Hike Kilimanjaro.

When Is The Best Time To Hike Kilimanjaro?

During March, April, and May Mount Kilimanjaro encounters heavy rainfall. So it becomes quite risky to trek through the wet steeps of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Best Time Of Year To Hike Kilimanjaro

January to March: This time period is a very popular time for Mount Kilimanjaro Hike. You will find perfectly balanced weather during this time, not so cold or not too wet. The month of February delivers warm weather with dry dusty surroundings. The rain possibility increases during the second half of March.

April to May: This time period encounters heavy rain. This time is called “Long Rains”. If you are planning for Kilimanjaro during these wet season, you must be careful to keep yourself dry on the Mount Kilimanjaro. You will have to add some more rain accessories to your Kilimanjaro Packing List. During these months you will face heavy rainfall and thunderstorm. So this month has the least traveler visitation.

June to July: The rainfall gradually decreases and from the month of June Kilimanjaro starts freezing. June is usually quiet, sunny. It is an excellent idea to choose June for your adventure because of the great weather and almost climbers-free routes. The number of climbers will be increasing as the year progresses. Starting from July the majority of the routes will be quite busy.

Best Time Of Year To Hike Kilimanjaro

August to October: This time period comes under the dry season of Kilimanjaro. Most of the travelers prefer this time for their Mount Kilimanjaro Hike. It is considered as a bit warmer month but a little colder too on the western side. During this time you can enjoy the perfect clear mountain clouds floating beneath.

November: With November, the short rainy season is started at the Mount Kilimanjaro. The temperatures have dropped and the moisture mist covers the Mount, making your climb more tricky and risky. This month gives a poor mountain view as the dark clouds cover the mountain.

December: This month faces a good amount of visitors from the mid-December. As all the big holidays occur, people choose this month. Still, there is a little rain at the starting of the month.

Here we present a schematic representation of Kilimanjaro weather which shows the temperature, humidity, and rainfall throughout the year to help you to choose your Best Month To Hike Kilimanjaro.

As you can see the temperature remains almost constant every month of the year.

When it comes to rainfall, you can see in the above table, April and may encounter the highest rainfall among all the months.

June, July, August, September, October, and January are the dry months on Kilimanjaro having the lowest chance of rainfall.

** If you have any queries for choosing your perfect time to hike Kilimanjaro then please refer our page, Kilimanjaro Faq’s.

Which Is The Best Kilimanjaro Hiking Season:

It will be a tough task for you if you plan your Mount Kilimanjaro Hike During the Rainy season. Because during wet seasons the steeps of Kilimanjaro get wet which causes difficulty to climb through. But the Kilimanjaro Hiking Cost is a litter low during rainy seasons.

The Best Time To Hike Kilimanjaro is during the dry months of January to February and June to October. When you climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Generally, we suggest dry months for Mount Kilimanjaro hike.

For a detailed guide for Kilimanjaro Hike, take a look at our page, Kilimanjaro Hiking Guide.

“Every Day Is A Journey, And The Journey Itself Is Home.”

So, are you Preparing To Hike Kilimanjaro? No doubt you can climb Mount Kilimanjaro during any time, but to experience the ultimate adventure it is important to start your adventurous trip at right time. We, at Serac Adventure, understand your needs and deliver the best hospitality abiding by all the Kilimanjaro Safety norms. Visit our website and take a glance at some irresistible offers.

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